Individual Coaching

​Nutrition is confusing and the best way to learn is through individualized nutrition counseling. You will work with motivated professionals ready to give you the education you need to make healthy changes in your life. Are you ready to tell your story and have nutrition advice be tailored to your needs? Invest in your health today and experience the empowerment individualized nutrition will give you.

12 Week Intensive Program

The Intensive Program is a comprehensive nutrition package that sets you up to take control of your health. As you progress through 12 weeks of foundational nutrition education, you will be equipped with the tools on Healthie, our virtual platform, to track your meals and physical activity, as well as create goals for yourself and stay accountable by having 24/7 access to a certified nutrition coach. 

4 Week Jump-start

  • Daily activities to accomplish 

  • Point system to visibly see the everyday small wins!

  • Weekly coach check ins for accountability 

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