Macro friendly Korean bulgogi

I am posting the amount that I will cook on a usually week for food prep.

1lb 93% fat free ground beef

1 lb 97% fat free ground turkey

10 garlic cloves (no I did not make a mistake its really 10)

1 large onion

1/4 c soy sauce or liquid aminos

1.5 tbsp plum sauce (13g carbs)

3 tbsp rice vinegar

sesame seeds to top

salt and pepper to taste

*** Optional: can add finely chopped mushrooms to add volume

1. Combine the soy sauce and rice vinegar in pan.

2. Sauté the garlic and onion for about a minute and then add all the meat. If adding mushrooms, throw them in with the meat.

3. Once meat is fully browned, stir in plum sauce , top with sesame seeds.

4. To add some crunch and get your veggies in, top with scallions and jullienne cut cucumbers. Pictured, I have it on top of a bed of rice. You could also serve with riced cauliflower if you are wanting low carb option.

Voila! Eating healthy does not have to be difficult!

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