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Getting a snapshot from a client's view is always refreshing. It's a lens in which we as coaches seldom get to see.

Losing twenty pounds over four months was indeed a victory for me, and maintaining the loss has been an additional victory. But the real win has nothing to do with my actual weight loss and everything to do with my newfound attitude towards food and eating.

No food is off limits, but I have made a conscious choice to eat foods that are high in protein and reduced my intake of carbohydrates and fats. I have not eliminated carbs or fats from my diet; by definition, by diet, I mean what I eat daily, not a special time-limited diet. Do I still get cravings? Yes. Do I still relate to food on an emotional level? Hell yes. But my newfound awareness of WHY I crave specific foods at certain times and WHY I find food that meets some of my emotional needs is the key to choosing food that nourishes me and leaves me feeling more than satisfied, as well as ridding myself of the guilt and shame that often accompanies emotional eating or treating oneself to a favorite food.

Recently I was with family at a local theme park. Due to time constraints between reservations for attractions and an evening meal, the family collectively chose to eat at a venue close to our current location. Checking the menu on the mobile app, everything looked delicious, although I was not encouraged by the selection as far as wanting to eat within my daily macronutrient goals. Sitting down to eat, I commented that I was way over my daily fat intake between this meal and breakfast and still had dinner to consider. My husband gently reminded me that this was only ONE meal, only ONE day, and to enjoy the food. He sounded exactly like my wellness coach! Just as surprising, I immediately relaxed and enjoyed that lobster roll!

The following day was my biweekly check-in with my coach, and I relayed the previous day’s dining experience. She laughed and confirmed that my husband did indeed sound like her, and she congratulated me on being able to let go of the guilt.

Moving forward on my journey with food, I know there will still be some challenges, but it becomes easier every day. Treating myself is no longer associated with guilt or shame and has been replaced with knowledge of my nutritional needs and how to balance everything. Changing my attitude TOWARD food has allowed me to change my relationship WITH food, and the results work for me — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

*Author’s note: Since beginning this journey, I have worked with a licensed medical professional who designed a program specifically for me, taking into consideration my age, weight, height, body type, and lifestyle. Having regular check-ins and supportive coaching from a knowledgeable professional, combined with the tools and information they provide, has made all the difference in my success.

Noelle's success can be strongly attributed to the mental and emotional changes she made revolving around food. If you can relate to Noelle and her story, reach out! You can schedule your free strategy call here.

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