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Why do you need a health coach?

Health coaches are everywhere, and many are simply trying to “influence” you. But don’t totally write them off just yet - there are many of us who truly want to help you and have the skills to do so.

To understand the significance of what a health and wellness coach does, let's first look at what a health coach is. A health coach is a supportive guide who helps clients set goals, whether that’s to gain/lose/maintain weight, improve energy, or to better manage stress. A health coach is a mentor who holds clients accountable and can help bridge the gap between traditional healthcare and preventative healthcare by creating sustainable behavioral and lifestyle changes.

Now, onto what a health coach does - Health coaches help to motivate and empower clients by instilling a positive mindset so that they can become their own experts. That’s right - we want to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to maintain your healthy lifestyle on your own! Our goal is to instill the confidence in you; Help you prove to yourself what you are truly capable of.

With Sophrosyne Health Coaching, each client is seen as a unique individual and coaching is customized to each person's needs. There is no one-size-fits-all nutrition or exercise plan for everyone. We all come from different backgrounds, have different genetics and desire different results. As a coach, I look at all aspects of a person's life: Background, lifestyle, stress levels, and what you as the individual view as optimal health for your life.

What happens far too often is we follow a diet trend (ahemmm paleo, keto, carnivore, vegan, etc.) to help us lose weight, but the results are only temporary. Why? You revert back to old habits and gain all the weight back. This is a sign that the diet likely wasn’t sustainable for you in the long-run. And that’s one of the biggest keys - if you are going to follow a diet, can you see yourself following it for life? If not, it’s probably not the route to take.

In all success stories, there is one common denominator: Showing up every day. Getting one percent better every day. Most people fail because they lose motivation and have no one in their corner cheering them on and holding them accountable. That's where the invaluable support of a coach comes in.

It is our job as coaches to remind the client of their personal value, not just the number on the scale. If your success is measured by a lower number on the scale, you will likely do whatever it takes to achieve that lower number - even if that means embracing crash diets, juice cleanses, or even fat loss pills. Our minds are naturally set up to “win” whatever game is being played. However, like we talked about before, quick fixes or diets that lead to short-term wins aren’t necessarily going to lead to long-term success.

It's about all the other small wins:

Learning to conquer cravings.

Learning what balanced meals look like and making them a regular thing in your day.

Breaking old habits and replacing them with new ones that enhance your life.

Feeling good about yourself every time you look in the mirror, regardless of what the scale says.

Finding value in yourself through hobbies, relationships, and meaningful work in your life.

Becoming more mindful in your day and discovering where true joy comes from.

All of these things - and sustainable change - start on the inside. Your outside appearance may change while working with a coach, but if they aren’t teaching you how to accept where you are at right now and change the way you think about who you are and where your worth comes from, they are doing you a disservice.

When clients work with me, I ask them to take a hard look within themselves. While working through the habits of improving their outside appearance, they will also have to face what's inside. Instead of me telling the client everything they are doing wrong, I will allow them a safe space to explore their thoughts on why they have made excuses and failed to take responsibility for their actions in the past.

We will work through the negative self talk as I guide them into speaking grace and positivity over themselves. I will help them celebrate all the small wins that they may not otherwise give themselves credit for. I am not just their coach. I am their biggest fan and cheerleader.

This is not going to be an overnight process. But it will be completely worth it, and having someone knowledgeable at your side - not to mention one who has gone through this process herself - will make it that much more efficient and effective.

Interested in working with Sophrosyne Health Coaching? Click here and schedule your free consult today! I’m excited to talk with you and help you achieve all of your goals.

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