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Empower Your Health Through Practical and Cost Effective Health Coaching

Health coaches are everywhere, and many are simply trying to “influence” you. But don’t totally write them off just yet - there are many of us who truly want to help you and have the expertise to do so.

What Can a Health Coach Help You with?

Not everyone needs a doctor to improve their digestive health, balance their hormones or reach their health goals. That's a fact. This is where a health coach comes in. Health coaches are key players to any integrative health team that can help bridge the gap between healthcare and you being truly healthy.

Health coaches empower clients by instilling confidence so that they can become their own experts. That’s right - we want to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to maintain your healthy lifestyle on your own! While you as the client are working on building healthier habits, your health coach goes to work for you as a detective to find the root cause of specific symptoms whether that be with your gut health, hormones or any ongoing chronic conditions.

With Sophrosyne Health Coaching, each client is seen as a unique individual and coaching is customized to each person's needs. There is no one size fits all plan for everyone. We all come from different backgrounds, have different genetics and desire different results.

Health Coaching and Anxiety of Overwhelm

One of the biggest obstacles to getting healthier is the anxiety of overwhelm; having so much information thrown at us on the internet or even through friends and family. Everyone has something that works for them, and seemingly nothing works for you. How are you supposed to figure out what works for you?

Having an expert available to help you navigate this takes all of the burden off of you.

Physicians and functional medicine practitioners don’t always have the time to be able to do that deep dive, discussion, and troubleshooting with us. Utilizing health coaching is quite a bit more cost effective and gives you that attention and support that often we don’t necessarily have otherwise.

Why Nothing Has Worked in the Past

What happens far too often is we follow a cookie cutter plan but the results are only temporary, even worse non-existent. Why is that? Behavior change is difficult and everyone has different needs. We may get impatient when we aren't seeing results fast enough. Perhaps there are other health factors that are making it more difficult to lose weight. Even if you have the perfect plan.. if you have family that’s resistant to supporting your change, a work schedule that is insane, or you’re traveling a lot, implementing the perfect plan can be extremely challenging. When working with a health coach, you’ve got someone who has a plethora of tools and resources at their fingertips to help you navigate that plan and be successful.

Get Health Coaching with Sophrosyne Health

It is our job as coaches to help you find the root causes to your health problems and create a protocol customized to you. It is our job to help you show up for yourself even on the days you may not want to. When the motivation leaves, your coach helps you to find other ways to stay disciplined and dedicated.

While working through the habits of improving your outside appearance, we encourage clients to take time for introspection. We allow for a safe space to explore past hurts, traumas and any other situation that has led to behavioral patterns that may not be conducive to your health.

Interested in working with an expert at Sophrosyne Health Coaching? Click here and schedule your free call with one of our holistic health experts today! We are excited to talk with you and help you achieve all of your health related goals.

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