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Are you curious about how health and nutrition coaching could improve your life?

Let go of the one size fits all diet and stop questioning what’s right or wrong for your health — discover how to nourish your unique body and create sustainable habits completely tailored to your lifestyle with expert guidance.

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Personal transformation
Personal transformation
Colorful Food

Midland, Texas

Jessica Clark

What I love about this whole program is the idea of everything in moderation and not focusing on restricting, but consuming in balance. I'm so used to the idea of restricting carbs or desserts to lose weight. I continue to be amazed at how straightforward this all is. I see direct results out of what I put into it, and can still have a balanced approach.


Micki Wage

During this crazy time in our world, I wondered how I get through this. I decided to challenge myself with Sophrosyne Health. It has given me a chance to stop and concentrate on my well- being. I had to first organize my thoughts and then organize my refrigerator! Working with my coach at Sophrosyne Health has not been complicating at all and none of the changes I have made have added any stress to my life. This is a marathon of choices that has made me feel better mentally and physically. I have discovered so much change in my thought process. Thank you!

Greenbelt, MD

Carolyn Matthews

I have to say thank you! Because of you, binge eating is now a past enemy of mine.

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