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High protein, low carb angel food cake

For those that know me, I am a junkie for sweets!! Even when Im cutting calories and trying to build muscle, I will always find a way to " have my cake and eat it too." This recipe has helped me avoid so many binges and given me a much healthier option than choosing something packed with sugar thats going to leave me feeling like doo doo later on.


- 7 room temperature eggwhites (from real eggs not from carton)

- 17g of whey (approx 1/2 scoop. I use vanilla or glazed donut flavored)

-1 tsp cream of tartar

- 1 tsp vanilla or butter extract

- stevia to taste


1. Make sure eggs are room temperature. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Separate egg whites and combine all ingredients except for whey into a mixing bowl.

3. Mix on highest speed (with electric mixer) for a few minutes until high peaks form. (quick tutorial : )

4. Sprinkle whey on top, fold in gently and carefully. DO NOT over mix

5. Place in sprayed round pan (I used a small springform pan), bake for 20 mins. Once done, let cool before removing from pan.

Macros for the ENTIRE cake:

38 g protein

3 g carbs

1 g fat

Play around with this recipe! you can add different flavors of whey protein, top with fresh berries or dark chocolate chips, sprinkle with toasted cocoa or top with some almond butter and sugar free maple syrup.

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