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How to save yourself from fast food suicide

The "fast food" revolution is killing us. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is a set up for failure. With about 60% of the diet coming from processed foods, 30% from animal products and only about 10% coming from whole plant foods. 10 PERCENT!

The human body in all its wonder and complexity requires many different nutrients to function properly. Down to the cellular level, the multitude of nutrients that are needed is what helps create energy, fight infection, and renew our cells.

We live in an incredibly innovative time in the world where we have the opportunity to live longer and healthier lives than ever before. Science and technology have allowed us to fight disease and allow for better quality of life. Many diseases that once killed millions are now preventable with vaccines. Large scale farming has given us the opportunity to eat a balanced diet year round.

So why is it that many people are subconsciously committing suicide with the food they are eating?

Depression, insomnia, poor judgement, chronic fatigue, short attention span, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, fatty liver.. the list goes on. And yet, millions still have the unrelenting desire to continue to eat in excess of high fat, high sugar foods and drinks.

The root cause of it all is complex and multi faceted.

Over two thirds of Americans are obese or overweight. Over the past three decades, the obesity rate in children has tripled.

Heart disease and cancer are the top killers in the US and both can easily be traced back to diet related causes[1].

If that doesn't terrify you enough, this will.

If you go to the doctor you will most likely be judged and blamed.

This epidemic is not any one individuals fault. It is a system wide issue. Stemming from junk food taking over school cafeterias, to parents having to work long hours and not making the time to cook healthy balanced meals at home to now home based education where children get essentially no physical activity... It is easy to see how all these small societal changes have now snowballed into a huge threat to the health of everyone.

You are not helpless though! There are ways to go against the grain and be the change you need for yourself and for the future generations to come.

There are a few components to changing these habits. First, a shift in perspective of what health means to you as an individual. It's not just about weight loss.The number on the scale is not the only indicator of progress. Instead of seeing food as an enemy, food is what you use to love and nourish your body from the inside out.

Think of it this way- which foods are more likely to give you energy and a clear mind: a bag of chips, or a handful of grapes and nuts? We aren't even talking about calories in, calories out. We are talking about what foods were grown from the earth and recognized by our bodies as real foods that our bodies can utilize for renewed energy and well being.

Once your perspective has shifted, next comes shifting your identity. Yep, this just got deep real quick. This is a process of auditing your thoughts, shifting the perspective of everything you tell yourself. In order to audit your thoughts, you must gain the self awareness of those thoughts.

Think of it this way: If you were to go to therapy for your issues surrounding food, the therapist will help heal the childhood trauma that your emotional eating may stem from. So you recognize and heal your trauma. Now what? You still find yourself obsessing over food, hating the way you feel in your own body. These behaviors have been wired into your brain and the only way to create momentum in the change is to start changing your habits one thought at a time.

It's the same with overeaters anonymous, or alcoholics anonymous." Hi my name is Kimberly Holbert, I am an emotional over eater and it has taken control over my life." How am I supposed to ever change if I am consistently solidifying who I am based on my thoughts and behaviors that I actually want to change?

We must recognize that our thoughts are not reality. Our thoughts are malleable based on where we are at right now and what we want our futures to look like. Instead of reinforcing the habits we don't like we must speak what we want into our lives. Hi my name is Kimberly Holbert, I am a former bulimic who has healed her relationship with food and now eats to maintain a strong body and mind."

This is the true meaning of Sophrosyne Health. Love yourself enough to stop the vicious cycle of self destruction and take a stand to do something different. Give yourself the knowledge of how the food you put in your body is helping you live a long, strong and healthy life. You can't change the world, but you can change yourself.

1. Xu J, Kochanek KD, Murphy SL, Arias E. NCHS Data Brief: Mortality in the United States, 2012.

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