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It happened again. For the umpteenth time you have let yourself down and lost control of your habits. Are you sick and tired of disappointing yourself? Let's take a look at five super effective steps that have been successful for Sophrosyne Health clients:

  1. Examine why you fell off in the first place. Are you setting unreasonable standards for yourself? Are your goals too overwhelming and ultimately the exact reason why you are failing?

  2. Break down your original goal of what you are working towards into more realistic habits. For example: If you have no gym routine already established, start with a goal of going once or twice per week. Going all in working out 5 days a week may not be feasible for you. If you tell yourself you are going to cut back on soda: if you are drinking 2-3 per day, try cutting back to only one per day instead of going cold turkey.

  3. Replace before removing. You are much more likely to stick to something if you add to the bad habit instead of just removing it. For example if the goal is to start eating healthier, you could start by adding a side of vegetables to all your meals before changing anything else at all. What does this look like? If you do fast food often, opt to add a side salad to your meal and eat that before eating your fries.

  4. Make the healthy habit easy and the not so healthy habit difficult. What does this look like? Placing fresh fruit on the counter where you see it daily. Keeping the fruits and vegetables at eye level in the fridge instead of placing in the bottom drawers to remind you to eat them. Putting all the junk food towards the back of the pantry where you cant see it or easily reach it.

  5. Work on one habit at a time. Making too many changes at one time is overwhelming. For those with an all or nothing mentality this may be the approach you always take, but it is usually a set up for failure. You drop the ball on one thing and then you say screw it and the whole box of donuts because you feel like a failure.

If you find yourself starting your diet over next week, on Monday, next month after the holidays etc. You are only delaying the inevitable failure. Your success is not based on when you start. Success is based on the action you are taking. If you want different results, you have to do something differently. If you struggle holding yourself accountable or being able to break your habits down into smaller more sustainable habits, book your free consultation call here to speak with one of our certified nutrition professionals and see how we can help you finally break free of the failures and reach your best health!

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