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5 tips on how to make discipline a part of your life

Discipline is sexy! The mundane day to day tasks may not be sexy but think about what results from being disciplined. Whether thats a smokin hot body that you have always wanted, or that brand new car you earned from working so hard. Anything in life that we achieve will require some form of discipline.

When you repeat certain tasks over and over you are actively changing the neurons in your brain. Each time you repeat a behavior it becomes a little bit easier. For example: If you started going to the gym first thing in the morning before work it may be very difficult to get out of bed and force yourself to go. Repeat this task for 3 months straight though and at one point you will find yourself climbing out of bed and getting dressed without even thinking twice about it. This is how our brains work. The more you reinforce a behavior, the easier it is to do without much effort.

In order to reinforce habits that will get you where you want to go, here are 5 tips :

1. Finish what you start. Discipline in the small things adds up to discipline in the big things. If you start reading a book, finish it before you start another one. If you told yourself that you would meditate 10 minutes before bed every night, do it. The way you do one thing in life is the way you do everything.

2. Make being disciplined easier. Take 2 hours each week to plan all meals for the week. This makes it easier to stick to what you said you would do. When you come home starving, you can simply reach into the refrigerator and heat up prepared food.

3. Design your environment. Always in a bad mood after talking to or hanging out with certain people? Find new friends or at minimum limit your availability to said people who bring you down all the time. Wanting to give up alcohol? Keep it out of the house. Have a sweet tooth that you are trying to break? Remove the sweets from the pantry so when you have a craving it wont be immediately available to you. You can even put them behind everything else in the pantry- out of sight out of mind. You will be surprised that if you aren't seeing it every day you may forget that it's even there.

4. Progress not perfection. You will make mistakes. Guaranteed. Use mistakes to learn. Finding yourself stopping at a drive through on the weekends? Take a protein bar with you while your'e running errands so you don't make poor choices out of hanger. If weekend overeating is where you struggle, make sure to have plenty of food prepped so you have healthy choices available at all times.

5. Reward yourself. Instead of being 100% disciplined during the week and bingeing on the weekends, allow yourself a small piece of chocolate during the week (think Hershey kiss or something similar). When you eat it really enjoy it. Sit with the treat, look at it, smell it and savor every bite. Promise yourself a reward after hitting a specific goal. It could be a pair of shoes, or a trip to the beach. Get creative.

Creating discipline is not an overnight process. Having someone to help you stay accountable helps. With Sophrosyne Health 1 on 1 coaching program, we help women just like you find the right habits to achieve your goals and work with you while you develop the discipline needed for large scale change. The process will be completely worth it, and having someone knowledgeable at your side - not to mention one who has gone through this process herself - will make it that much more efficient and effective.

Interested in working with Sophrosyne Health Coaching? Click here and schedule your free consult today! I’m excited to talk with you and help you achieve all of your goals.

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