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Updated: May 3, 2022

By training your mind, you can change your outward health and appearance. Research has barely began to scratch the surface of the mind body connection. There is a sense of resistance in western medicine to adopt the idea of mind body connection because it is difficult to measure. How does one prescribe positive affirmations and meditation?

How can we monitor the changes of thought pattern to a measurable degree?

There are many ways my friends. It simply takes some thinking outside of the box. And still, if it is difficult to measure does that negate the fact that speaking positive words to ourselves can completely transform us?

Positive affirmations are like a rock or concrete slab upon which a house or building is built. It is our solid foundation of faith, hope and love to ourselves and to others . They keep us grounded, solid, and focused on good and positive things rather than negativity.

Are affirmations science based?

Yes! As a licensed healthcare professional, I'll admit that I was skeptical many years ago. How could reading, writing and saying words out loud change the brain physiologically?

When you look at the data, there is scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of using positive affirmations. This is particularly true when the affirmations are aligned with your core values.

One study used fMRIs (functional magnetic resonance imaging) to show how self affirmations led to increased activity in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (an area of the brain associated with self-related processing and positive valuation) (1). Not just that, but the individuals in the study practicing self-affirmations ended up increasing their activity levels more than the control group.

By using positive affirmations consistently and repetitively (writing and saying out loud on a daily basis), you are guiding your mind to focus on health instead of illness, balance instead of imbalance, acceptance instead of confusion and resistance.

How to get the most out of positive affirmations

  • Use the present tense (i.e. "I am...").

  • Use positive and uplifting words (i.e. energy, positivity, excited, great, strong).

  • Keep the affirmation short and simple.

  • Say the affirmation as a statement of truth that has already happened. (" I am" versus "I hope")

  • Create affirming reminders all around you, like on your phone lock screen, your desktop background, post-its on a mirror or laptop, a vision board, alerts and reminders on your phone or digital calendar, etc.

  • My body is a temple, I am grateful for all that it does.

  • I fuel my body and mind with health food and thoughts.

  • I give my body permission to change

  • I give my body permission to heal and to flourish

  • The cells of my body are listening to me

  • Every cell in my body knows what to do to heal and thrive.

  • I speak to my body with positive intent

  • My mind has a powerful healing affect on my body

  • I choose thoughts of total wellness

  • My mind, body and spirit are all united for my greatest good.

  • Perfect health is my divine right and claim it now.

  • I thank my body for all the strength it gives me

  • Exercise is a celebration of what my body is capable of

  • I am grateful that my body tells me when something needs adjusting

  • I listen to the intuition I have about my healing

  • I trust myself and my body

  • I enjoy the unlimited radiance of energy from within

  • I am a powerful creator of my health and wellbeing

  • I talk to the cells of my body in a loving way

  • My body is infinitely intelligent and has the capability to support itself

  • I consciously create mental and emotional balance, helping my body's natural healing mechanisms to function

  • I live in a quantum reality and my body heals in miraculous ways

  • My mind is calm, my breathing is deep and steady, my body is listening to my healing intent

  • My thoughts are my sacred territory and I get to choose which direction I focus them, and they are powerful

  • My body is listening to my self-talk and I speak to it lovingly

  • My strength is greater than any struggle

Download a printable version here:

Positive Health Affirmations
Download PDF • 6.84MB

Positive affirmations aren't just words. They are statements that you proclaim and know to be true. They can also be shared to comfort others. When you allow abundance to flow to you, it will overflow to others. Be blessed, be a blessing and share this to those you care about.

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1 Comment

José F
José F
Apr 15, 2022

Self-Esteem starts within; with your mind and what you feed it. Not the other way around. You do not need to have the perfect lifestyle to be great. We are all created equal in the eyes of God; only thing that sets us apart is our mindset. Self Affirmations are a great way to start shifting your mindset and everything around you will follow. Thanks for the reminder 🫶🏻

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