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Smoothie time!

Smoothies are quite possibly the most convenient way to get your nutrition in when you're on the go. The combinations are endless as long as you can use your imagination. Choose a few to be staples so you can get used to making them without having to think that hard about measurements. Though it's always nice to switch it up!

Main smoothie components:

Protein base: greek yogurt, cottage cheese, protein powder, milk

Carbs: fruits (fresh or frozen), starchy veggies like sweet potato, pumpkin, taro, purple yam, carrots, cocoa powder, pudding mix, jello mix, honey

Fats: nut butters, flax seed (count carbs too), avocado, coconut milk, coconut flakes, egg yolk. Egg yolk probably doesnt sound that appetizing to you but it is an option and a great source of vitamin A,D, and calcium.

Veggies: frozen cauliflower, spinach or anything that tickles your fancy.

Smoothie Ideas:

1. Orangesicle- Vanilla protein powder, raw sweet potato, raw carrot, fresh orange, banana

2. Chocolate PB banana- Chocolate protein powder or greek yogurt with coco powder, banana, peanut butter

3. Blueberry avocado- Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, fresh avocado

4. Pumpkin pie- Canned pumpkin (or freshly cooked), vanilla protein powder, pumpkin spice, frozen riced cauliflower

5. Avocado taro- Greek yogurt, cooked taro, cooked purple yam, avocado, dried coconut flakes

6. Tropical paradise- pineapple, mango, spinach, greek yogurt, dried coconut flakes

7. Strawberry cheesecake- frozen strawberries, greek yogurt, cheesecake pudding mix

Tips:  - If you freeze the fruit it will make your smoothie thicker without having to add extra ice. - Frozen riced cauliflower makes the smoothie super frothy like a milkshake and you really can't taste it.  - Pre- measure the ingredients into plastic or silicone bags and freeze them. On your way out the door just toss it into the blender and go.

- Fresh fruit that you buy and freeze yourself is always more tasty than store brought frozen fruit. You can wait until the fruit is at its ripest and then freeze.

If you notice, ingredient measurements are not included. This is because you can play around with it to your liking and to your macro requirements. The combinations you can make are endless. Comment below with some of your favorite combinations!

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