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How Our Client Lost 25 lbs Without Dieting

Our client Kim came to us struggling with almost daily binge eating. She was a full time master's student, full time business owner, mother to a very active daughter and she was struggling to stay afloat of her daily responsibilities. Food had become her only source of comfort.

When starting to work with her, it was clear that going straight into a typical calorie deficit was not going to be the best approach. Why? Because she could barely handle the stress of her daily life. Dieting only adds stress onto that. Here are the steps we took to create some momentum in results without overwhelming her:

1. Self awareness. We took inventory of the biggest stressors and what she had space for in her schedule. She began to create boundaries around what times her work day would end (i.e putting phone on do not disturb, not checking email after 8 pm), and not taking on any volunteer opportunities if she truly knew she didn't have time for it.

Kim had a very busy schedule so she had to be realistic in the fact that she could not take on an extreme lifestyle overhaul like starting a new gym routine or a super strict eating schedule.

2. Create a solid bedtime routine.

  • Improved sleep quality which helped with increased energy levels and overall improvement of being able to manage stress which led to less binge episodes.

  • Bedtime routine meant less time sitting in front of the tv mindlessly snacking.

  • Allowed for more structure with further decreased stress and gave Kim a sense of more organization in her life.

  • Led to waking up on time and less hitting the snooze button

It was in this second step of establishing a solid bedtime routine that Kim started seeing weight loss. After a few weeks even her coworkers started to notice.

[For more tips on how to set up your own bedtime routine click here ]

3. ACCOUNTABILITY. This is arguably to most important step anyone can take in their weight loss journey. Kim got honest with her struggles in certain social occasions and things like going on trips. She would reach out when she was tempted to overeat. She would ask for help with specific situations so she could keep her nutrition as a top priority. Small changes like always having a protein shake on hand in case she didn't have time to eat lunch or got hungry when she was out running errands. Little tweaks like this allowed for more stable meals throughout the day which contributed to better energy levels and more ability to cope with stress. All of these small changes started to compound. Kim was seeing drops in the scale every week and she was eating more throughout her day!

4. Prioritizing protein. Now that Kim was sleeping better and had a much better grasp on controlling her stress, we could now move into some nutrition focused goals. Without having to count protein, we simply started by having her include 1-2 palms of protein with each meal she ate. This led to less hunger through her day and less binges at night!

With these four simple steps, Kim was able to lose 25 lbs without every having to count calories! She had better structure in her day, was saving money by going grocery shopping more often and had so much more energy!

If you are struggling with your weight like Kim and you find it challenging to implement these strategies on your own, please seek help! We have coaches on staff who can provide personalized guidance and support. You can click here to schedule your free 15 minute call with one of our experts to see if our program is right for you.

*Disclaimer: All of the following information is to be used for educational purposes only and not to be used to diagnose or treat any disorder. If you struggle with any form of disordered eating, please seek professional help.

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